SHOK Neutron Electric Scooter Error Codes

January 20, 2023

In the rare occurrence of scooter malfunction, an error code may be displayed on the scooter control panel. The table below lists potential error codes, their descriptions, and possible solutions when troubleshooting.

Error Code Description Solution
E1 Communication Error Controller cannot receive dashboard data. Check all connection cables, may be loose, out of order or damaged.
E2 Hall Line Error Motor Hall line is loose, out of order or internal Hall sensor is damaged. Check the connection cables, if damaged replace it.
E3 Brake Handle Failure Check the brake handle and brake line, if damaged replace it.
E4 Controller Error Check the controller connection, if damaged replace it.
E5 Low Voltage Battery undervoltage, charge it first, if still non-operational, replace the battery.
E6 Motor Locked-Rotor Check the controller, if damaged replace it.
E7 Overspeed Failure or Accelerator Abnormality Speed out of control, check the accelerator, if damaged replace it. If accelerator is working normally, check the controller.
E8 Mainboard Abnormal. Excessive Current, Overcurrent Protection. Turn off the scooter, and turn it on several minutes later. If still non-operational, replace the mainboard.